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Disney's Beauty and the Beast 

Cumberland County Playhouse 

Rog Robbennolt for The Crossville Chronicle

 “A special plaudit to lighting designer Josh Hamrick.  I've seldom seen a lovelier show....”

Martin Brady for The Nashville Scene

 "(the) magical change from Beast to handsome prince is also effected with stirring technical dazzle....  ...everything is so winningly presented"


Cumberland County Playhouse   

Rog Robbennolt for The Crossville Chronicle

 “Joshua Hamrick's lighting was breathtaking....”

Always...Patsy Cline 

Clarence Brown Theatre Company     

Paige M. Travis for Metro Pulse

 “…and the set is even better than before;  the combined talents of set designer Carl Tallent, lighting designer Joshua Hamrick and sound designer Mike Ponder are put to spectacular use.  The stage is framed by the colorful arc of a giant jukebox.  As the songs and the moods shift, the glowing bars change from bright blues to glowing reds and oranges, frequently coordinating or contrasting with Patsy’s outfit or the colors in the background.  The ever-changing colors create a sense of movement that keeps the sense of action going, even as Patsy just stands there singing….”


Cumberland County Playhouse     

Rog Robbennolt for The Crossville Chronicle

“As the auditorium darkens we are surrounded by blinking cats eyes. Lights turn somersaults around us under the magical hand of light designer, Josh Hamrick.  We are intimately involved-and stay that way for two hours and ten minutes….  While the show bursts with special effects, they are disciplined in such a way that they never take over….”

Leslie Tucker for Farragut Press

“Lighting Designer Josh Hamrick returns 'to weave his colorful, electric magic'...."


Mark A. Newman for Entertainment Design

“...what about the show's finale when Grizabella ascends to heaven?  (Joe Varga, set designer) simply used a Genie Lift amid smoke and mylar glitter.  'Due to some rather lovely artistic lighting from Josh Hamrick, the Genie Lift was not emphasized visually in terms of what she was on,' he says.  ...'The whole idea was that she was ascending amid this apotheosis of smoky clouds and glitter...."


PS 122    

Eva Yaa Asantewaa for The Village Voice

“My inner child loved every second of Back to Creation, the vest-pocket psychedelic extravaganza by Akim Funk Buddha and his singing, dancing, music-making Dha-Fuzion crew (P.S. 122)...."

The Tempest 

Company Carolina   

Brock Pierce for The Daily Tar Heel

"Company Carolina took the action a step further and highlighted the Bard's brilliance with an array of dance, lighting and music that helped transform the stage into a world of magic and wonder...."

Steel Magnolias 

Company Carolina   

Beth Carroll for The Daily Tar Heel

"One would think one had seen a Broadway show Friday night at Swain Hall…. Undoubtedly, this production will endure as one of the favorites of student theater.…”

A Chorus Line

Company Carolina    

Bill Morrison for The News & Observer

“The revival staged by Company Carolina takes us to the heart of theatrical experience and leaves us tear-stained and blood-splattered….  Josh Hamrick’s lighting creates a ghostly world that is both illusion and bitter reality…”

Six Degrees of Separation

Company Carolina   

Robert W. McDowell for Spectator

“…Josh Hamrick’s lighting and Chad Stutz’s sound design deserve kudos....”

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